Maruti Baleno: Real – life review

With the increasing advancement in technology, everything seems to be improving in its own ways unique to itself. Owing a car in this generation is considered to be passion and luxury rather than the need and requirement on a daily basis. Well, with the various models available in the markets, there can at times be a storm of confusion that could hit the people who is considering to buy a new vehicle for himself or so. But with a few reviews stated by the people who have already used the car, it seems to be helpful to decide if the vehicle you are considering is something that you really would want to spend on. The Maruti Baleno has some interesting features and specifications that might interest you. Let us have a look at them.

  • Steering wheel that is multi functional
  • Automated climate control
  • Cover for the wheels
  • Airbags for the driver
  • The Anti Lock Braking System
  • Airbag for the passengers
  • The power steering
  • Air Conditioner

Apart from these features the engine of the diesel is 1248 cc, while the engine of the petrol is considered to be 1197 cc. based on the variant and the type of fuel the Maruti Baleno the range of its mileage will be from 21.4 kmpl to 27.39 kmpl.  The length, height and weight of the Baleno is 3995 mm, 1510 mm and 1745 mm respectively. The baleno consists of 5 doors.

The interior features of Maruti Baleno

  • The steering column is adjustable
  • Tachometer
  • Heater
  • Compartment for gloves
  • A digital odometer
  • Digital clock
  • The inside handles of the door have a fine metal finishing
  • The tipped parking brake also has a metal finishing

The exterior features

  • The headlights are adjustable
  • Covers for the wheels
  • Glasses are tinted
  • A washer for the rear window
  • Smoked headlamps
  • Integrated antenna

The Baleno also comes with safety features which include Child Safety Locks, Power door locks, EDB, central locking and anti- lock braking system. Also it has some more features like seats that are easily adjustable, keyless entry, halogen headlamps, front impact beams among the others. Also features like dual horn, levelling of the headlamp and anti – theft device are available. The features of entertainment are Bluetooth connectivity, rear speakers, CD player and Radio. The on road price of the Maruti Baleno is said to be between the range of 5.38 lakh to 8.5 lakh.

This is all about the features that the Baleno has to offer to its customers. Apart from that there are many users who give their reviews about the four wheeler once they have had an experience. Some of the reviews that have been put up online regarding this four wheeler will include things about its classy and stylish appearance, comfortable interiors and all the features that have been mentioned above. To get more reviews about the vehicle you can browse online through the various sites which are available. Also you can get some more detailed information about the same.


Toyota Rush 2018 is heating up the entry-level SUV game

Toyota is known for its huge cars with comfortable seating and Toyota Rush is Toyota’s latest launch. It is the time of SUV’s and the Toyota Rush being a seven seater is the new entrant in the SUV market. This new car by Toyota is quite versatile and it is somewhat similar to the Fortuner from the outside.  The exterior of the Fortuner is the reason for its popularity and Toyota Rush being similar to it has already made a storming entry. Let us further discuss the latest and the new entry in the SUB market the Toyota Rush.

The key features and specifications of the new Toyota Rush

Rush is just like the other SUV’s but being a product of Toyota it has to be different and special from the rest, here are a few key features of the newly launched Toyota Rush.

  • The design- The Rush is perfect for bumpy roads; it comes with LED headlights and fog light. It has standard 17 inch wheels and black roof with LED tail lighting. This car comes in 5 different colors, giving the buyers a number of options.
  • The interior- The interior of the car is to die for and is enough to win a million hearts; It has outstanding fully touch audio sound system with speakers, Bluetooth and navigation. There is also the climate control option and a socket in the dashboard along with a highly controllable steering wheel. Storage place is sufficient; with cupholders and door pockets. There is also the storage bin in the centre for those who require extra space. Storage is the best part about this car, making it travel friendly.
  • Extra features- The Rush has side mirrors that are electric and LED lights that are automatic; it also comes equipped with a reverse camera for parking purpose and the best part you do not need a key for the car to on the ignition as comes with a push start button. The car is quite safe and comes with airbags and other controlling options that are helpful while driving the car on the hills and on long distances at night.
  • The Engine- It is a petrol car with a high speeding manual and transmission which is also automated and has high fuel efficiency.

Toyota Motor Philippines is marketing Rush and in Indian markets and on Indian roads Toyota Rush is suspected to be seen by February 2020. Price wise as well as body wise this car is worth it, in INR Rush would cost around 11.5 lakh which is decent enough for a SUV of such high stature. So if you really want to switch to a SUV then Toyota Rush is the perfect car; it has the space and the features moreover exterior and interior of the car is breathtaking. Perfect for big families and for those who love travelling, it is fully automated and has features that cannot be found in any other SUV of the same level.